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The gas industry relies heavily on cylinders to store and transport gases. Because the cylinders are packed with gases under high pressure, they can be very volatile; hence they must be tough enough to withstand rough handling during transportation to prevent accidents.

Southern Gases Limited offers a wide array of Gas Cylinders using excellent high grade and quality material, which are acquired from trusted sources and made available by SGL to the market at very competitive prices.

Our high pressure gas cylinders can be used for storing oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, helium, fuel gases etc. that can withstand rough handling as they are made of high quality seamless steel tubes using state of the art CNC machines.

Gas Cylinders

We offer excellent performance Luxfer Aluminium Gas Cylinders from the world's largest manufacturer of high-pressure composite and all-aluminium cylinders that are used in a wide variety of applications, including Alternative Fuels. With complete confidence on the quality of our cylinders, fabricated from optimum quality material, our aluminium gas cylinders are cost effective and ensure smooth gas delivery.

Gas Cylinders

SGL has touched the apex of success for making available Steel Gas Cylinders. These cylinders are manufactured to DOT specifications and are engineered by design to provide the durability, strength and structural integrity for many years of hard use. Like all our products each cylinder meets or exceeds industry regulations for quality and are manufactured in facilities that are proactive with their safety practices and regulations.


SAs part of our social responsibility Southern Gasses Limited seeks new ways to reduce the impact of our footprint on the environment. As part of our vision as in-cooperated into our strategic plan we have embarked on the rethreading of tyres. Using our recently installed Sooner tyre rethreading plant with a capacity of 1000 tyres per month.

Trinidad and Tobago has 827,000 registered vehicles .This places that owners demand for disposal of our used tyres in our landfill. Also tyres not properly dispose of the one of the main breathing environment for mosquitoes borne diseases such as Dengue and Zika virus .Creating considerable stress on our health care system and the quality of life of our citizen.

By re-threading tyres used tyres can be both back to service. Using standard and technology equal to those used in manufacturing of new tyres. At approximately 40% of our cost saving. This creating a win win solution for customer/consumer, the environment and quality of our life through proactively against health hazard.